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Five Opportunities. Endless Impact.

United Way is clearly focused on supporting a long-lasting recovery and rebound from the health and economic consequences of COVID-19 – a recovery that uplifts the well-being of those most vulnerable to the persistent impacts resulting from the ongoing struggles related to the virus.

Your support of our work will help us ensure our Central Indiana neighbors most negatively impacted by COVID-19 not only survive this crisis, but emerge with a higher quality of life than before the pandemic struck.

By eliminating the additional barriers to quality healthcare, nutritious food, transportation, safe housing, employment, and education that COVID-19 has created for too many of our formerly and newly struggling neighbors and families, we will rebound as a community – one where every person is equipped to reach their full potential.

In partnership with traditional and newly partnered community-based organizations, United Way uses impact investments to respond to our community’s most immediate needs, provide the necessities that stabilize individuals in crisis, improve the education and upward economic mobility of a whole family, create innovative solutions to disrupt generational poverty and attack the systems that grow – or perpetuate – racial inequity in our community – all while connecting donors to specific causes they’re most passionate about.

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Area of Greatest Impact

Ensure United Way can continue to respond to the immediate needs related to COVID-19 recovery and other critical issues facing our community – making certain our neighbors not only survive this moment, but emerge with a higher quality of life than before the pandemic struck.

Basic Needs

Food. Shelter. Health. Transportation. Most of us take these things for granted, but even before COVID-19 hit more than 220,000 households in our community saw their basic needs in critically short supply or non-existent. To fully recovery and rebound from COVID-19, it’s essential to make certain our most vulnerable neighbors have this life-saving assistance when finding themselves in an emergency situation. Help those in need survive today so they can thrive tomorrow.

Family Opportunity

Intergenerational economic mobility lies at the heart of the American Dream. Our Family Opportunity work supports programs to improve the education, financial stability and overall health of the whole family, by working with parents and children together to create pathways for success and long-term stability. With your gift, you are giving children and their caregivers the tools they need to secure their own futures.

Social Innovation

Social Innovation invests in new solutions to some of our community’s oldest problems. Your gift helps support an entrepreneurial spirit - creating space for exchanging and incubating new ideas, improving technology and expanding successful, small-scale programs. Become part of a network of passionate, forward-thinking individuals and organizations accelerating positive change throughout our community.

Equity Action

The data is clear. People of color in Central Indiana are nearly twice as likely to experience economic insecurity and poverty than their white neighbors. Racism and ethnic discrimination embedded for centuries in public and private systems, policies and practices are major barriers preventing our Black and Brown neighbors from achieving their full financial and human potential. United Way of Central Indiana is focused on accelerating change at scale to reduce poverty in our community, but it is clear we can and must do more. By expanding the breadth and inclusion of our grantmaking, building on the existing capacity of our community’s grassroots, grass tops and faith-based organizations, strengthening the pipeline of leaders of color within the human services sector and rooting equity across our entire portfolio of work, we will do our part to overcome the very systems that grow – or perpetuate – inequity in our community.

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