United Way of Central Indiana


Why United Way?

In the early 20th century, United Way was founded on the premise that we all have a stake in the health and well-being of our neighbors and our communities. If we work together and take action, we can stop poverty’s devastating effect on people, in neighborhoods and throughout our society.

From our evolution as a “Community Chest” where neighbors pooled resources together to solve tough problems, to our role today as a social impact organization, United Way is committed to eliminating poverty by focusing on four areas that predict financial success for individuals and families:

  • Basic essentials for neighbors who need it the most.
  • Early care, literacy and school success for young children.
  • Paths to better employment and higher earnings for adults.
  • Safe and affordable housing for families and youth facing homelessness.

How does United Way make impact happen?

Every donation to United Way helps to support community organizations working tirelessly to confront intergenerational poverty. You likely know all about the significant funding we provide to human service organizations because of generous donors like you, but our work is so much more than grantmaking.

 With your support:

  1. We advocate for good public policies that advance our cause at all levels of government.
  2. We equip nonprofits with the resources they need to operate at their highest level.
  3. We convene experts and collaborate with direct service providers to create innovative ways to distance families from poverty.
  4. We use real-time data and listen to community voices to guide our work.
  5. We administer initiatives in direct response to timely community needs.

In essence, we can do what we promise: rally our community to help us reduce the number of people living in poverty and prevent our neighbors from experiencing it in the first place.


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